Why Choose RE/MAX to Manage Your Investment Property

Our Property Management Team are here to ensure that our homes (yes, we treat your investment properties as "our homes" too) are being efficiently looked after including maintenance, rental reviews and arrears.  Combined, our team delivers a high level of experience, professionalism and efficiency.  At RE/MAX Property Sales our Property Management Team provides property owners with one of the most extensive property management services in the area.

Save yourself time and stress
There is a lot of work involved in managing your own property; promoting the property, screening potential tenants, collecting rent and carrying out maintenance, repairs and inspections are just some of the tasks you will need to take care of, and remember it is a 24 hour a day job - the tenant has your phone number and address.  Don't underestimate the amount of time and energy an experienced Property Manager can save you.

Effective promotion of your property
With RE/MAX Property Sales you can be sure your property will be marketed effectively so that it is exposed to the maximum number of tenants.  We also know the local market and can accurately determine correct rental prices and tenant cycles, which will ensure maximum return on your investment.

Finding a tenant
Finding a suitable tenant can be expensive and time consuming.  You will be required to access many tenant checks to ensure your tenant has good rental history.

We like to communicate with you via email - this is the most efficient form of communication and is also environmentally friendly.  Of course, you are welcome to phone our Property Management Team at any time and, as a valued landlord, you will have access to our direct mobile phone numbers. 

Legislation and paperwork
One of the most complex areas of property management is the legislation and paperwork required under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act and other associated legislation such as the Privacy Act, Anti-Discrimination Act, Trade Practices Act and the Property Occupations Act.  It is our job to be well-versed in this legislation so you don't have to be.

Avoiding problems with tenants
Property managers are experienced in dealing with tenants and their changing personal circumstances in a courteous and professional manner.  Property managers also understand the obligations of both landlord and tenant, can can effectively manage any issues or disputes that may arise.

Maintenance, repairs and inspections
Doing these yourself can be very time consuming.  We ensure our tradespeople are qualified, insured for public liability and charge reasonable service fees.

Zero tolerance
We have a zero tolerance policy for tenants who fall behind in rent payments and procedures in place to minimise any loss of income to the landlord.  In accordance with the law, our office makes phone calls, sends SMS notifications and issues the appropriate notices.

Our office maintains strict arrears procedures, including daily arrears management to ensure tenants are made aware of their responsibility to pay rent on time and the consequences of non-payment. 

Routine inspections
Regular routine inspections are essential to effectively manage your investment property.

  • An entry condition report is prepared at the beginning of the tenancy
  • Regular inspections are performed throughout the year
  • A condition/inspection report is sent to you, highlighting any areas of concern, recommendations for maintenance and
    suggestions for improvements
  • Exit condition reports are checked against the original entry condition report
  • We also carry out drive-bys to monitor the external surroundings

Repairs and maintenance
Your instructions are our guide to managing the repairs and maintenance of your property.  Generally, if repairs are required we will contact you to seek your instructions prior to arranging the repairs.  For more significant work, we may obtain quotes and keep you abreast of any work to be carried out.

Emergency repairs and maintenance
If the repair emergency has been caused by the tenant, the tenant is charged for the repairs.  Please note we have a duty of care to rectify an emergency as soon as possible after it has been reported.  Emergency repairs are dealt with as just that - an emergency.  In this situation we will immediately arrange for a trades-person to attend to the repair.  Emergencies are
considered to be hot water or sewerage issues, blocks toilets and so on.

Water charges
Queensland legislation allows landlords to pass on the full water consumption costs to tenants provided minimum criteria have been met (download our fact sheet).  We recommend you ensure your property is water efficient by engaging a licensed plumber to inspect the property and provide a compliance certificate.  Water invoices should then be directed to our office and we will then charge the tenant accordingly.

Rental income disbursement
An electronic payment of rental income can be made to you monthly or twice a month.  We find most landlords greatly appreciate this service, as it can considerably reduce your annual interest payable.

Your monthly statement will be emailed to you on the last day of the month (or posted, if that is your preferred option), together with a copy of invoices paid during that month.  Financial year statements are provided separately on June 30 each year.

Money matters
With our user-friendly accounts and end of year financial statements, tax time will be a breeze!

Why have landlord insurance?
Your investment is extremely valuable and there is protection available to ensure you are not left out of pocket in the event an unexpected or unfortunate situation occurs.  Whilst all care is taken when choosing your tenant and managing your property, un-foreseen situations can arise.

Specialised landlord insurance policies are available and can provide peace of mind that your rental income and investment property are protected against risks such as:

  • Loss of rent
  • Accidental loss or damage
  • Malicious loss or damage
  • Legal liability
  • Tax Audit

For a friendly chat about how we can offer our fantastic Property Management Service to you please phone 07 5470 7000.

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